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Sofia's Story

What got me here

My name is Sofia Pedroso. My transformational journey started back in 2010 when I left my comfort zone to attend an empowering coaching event by the name of "Yes, you can", along with a friend. The experience was profound as it inspired me to control the change I yearned to see in myself and in my surroundings. More than that, it lit a fire in me - a passion - to help others along the same enlightening path. 

During the following years, I faced my fair share of challenges. I undertook and completed two coaching certifications and became a certified NLP Practitioner. Despite delving deep into these fields of self-improvement and understanding, I ended up feeling disillusioned. I discovered that the process of setting goals and crafting detailed action plans often fell short of delivering the profound change that I, and those I aimed to help, desperately sought. 

During my own self-discovery journey, I painfully observed the shortcomings of coaching. Don't get me wrong, it's an amazing tool but is not enough when one is struggling with self-sabotage.

By that time I was facing numerous personal challenges. Every ounce of progress seemed fleeting, as I'd frequently find myself reverting to old habits or repeating the same patterns. I felt as if the current of life was pushing me in the exact opposite direction of where I wanted to be. I exerted tremendous effort to paddle against the current but ultimately, it felt like my attempts were in vain. 

But something in me maintained a strong belief - that every launched effort to recover wasn't futile and there were no permanent dead ends. This belief carried me forward. It compelled me to keep knocking at the doors of opportunity, with the faith that at some point, the right one would open for me. 

And it did. Hidden behind one of those metaphorical doors, I encountered The Emotion Code. This method provided insight into my patterns, flaws, self-destructive behavior, and internal barriers. Like magic, the knots in my life started to unravel. Obstacles crumbled. I watched the transformation take place within myself and within my family members effortlessly and without any pain. Soon, I could see it happening in clients as well. 

And now, I believe it's your time. Book your session, and start your journey.

See you soon. 
Sofia's Certifications
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner Badge
Certified Emotion Code® Practitioner
Certified Body Code Practitioner Badge
Certified Body Code™ Practitioner
Certified Belief Code Practitioner Badge
Certified Belief Code® Practitioner
Heavy User of the Map of Consciousness®
Certified Master Coach
Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

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